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Heat-Free Technology

With no heat used in the ink ejection process, our Heat-Free Technology reduces power consumption in printing, saving significant energy compared to laser printers. This lowers the environmental impact of your printing, whilst reducing your energy bills too.

Environmental Benefits Without Compromise

Feeling the heat to balance performance, budgets and environmental impact? Switching to Heat-Free Technology isn’t just good for the environment, it can boost business productivity as well.

Seamless High-Speed Printing

With no need to warm up, you can print immediately. The high-speed printing means there’s no waiting around when you’ve got deadlines to meet and documents to deliver.

Sustainability That Makes Business Sense

Epson inkjet printers with Heat-Free Technology consume significantly less power than an average laser printer, so you not only reduce environmental impact but energy costs too.

Be Part Of The Solution

Epson inkjet printers use fewer parts and consumables that require replacement, and with no heat damage to the printhead these last longer too. This means reduced environmental impact and minimised disruption from replacing parts.

It’s Kind To Be Cool

Epson inkjet printers generate up to 85% less CO2 than laser printers1, helping do your bit to protect the planet.

Make The Switch to a Heat-Free Inkjet Printer

Whether you need a small machine for your home office, or a high-volume printer for large workgroups and businesses, there’s an Epson inkjet printer with Heat-Free Technology for you.


EcoTank Printers

EcoTank colour and monochrome series.


Business Inkjet Printers

WorkForce Enterprise, WorkForce Pro and EcoTank business printers.


1. Annual CO2 output calculations were based on JEMAI-LCA Pro, Cedar tree CO2 absorption calculations were based on Japan Forestry Agency standards of 8.8kg CO2 per annum per tree.