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Dry Fiber Technology

Until now, recycling paper has relied on a supply chain of collection and disposal, and paper production has depended on large quantities of water. Our new Dry Fiber Technology eliminates these elements, creating a small, localised cycle to create new paper with virtually no water1. This offers three key environmental benefits:

A combination of three processes is used to turn waste paper into new paper: defibrating, binding and forming. Unlike conventional papermaking, PaperLab uses virtually no water1 from start to finish. This virtually dry process makes it possible to produce new paper in a small, localised cycle.

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Epson PaperLab

Make the sustainable choice with an Epson PaperLab recycling system. It’s the world’s first dry process office paper making system3 that turns waste paper into new paper, using a virtually dry process1, powered by Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology.

1. A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.
2. PaperLab can use ordinary A3 and A4 - sized copy paper as raw material.
3. PaperLab is the first office paper making system to use a dry process, based on Epson research conducted in November 2016.