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Transformation. Details make the difference.
Enjoy the advantages of automation. Transform your production line and your bottom line.

Find the Right Fit for Your Business

In any industry, the Epson robotic solution can be customised down to the last detail, to meet your business needs.
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SCARA Robot with Lower TCO

Epson T6 SCARA Robot
Featuring a built-in controller that allows easy configuration with existing production line, T6 SCARA robots ensure high productivity with minimum downtime to bring down the total cost of ownership.


For Big Jobs in Tiny Spaces

Epson C12 Space-Saving 6-Axis Robot
Building on the success of C8 Series robots, C12 robots are now capable of handling higher payloads of up to 12 kg and can be integrated at the assembly lines for packing and palletising tasks.

CAD Drawing

Take a closer look at the details of our Epson robots and determine which model best fits your needs.

Epson RC+ Software

Develop control programmes to achieve maximum productivity with Epson robots.
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Epson Robots Authorised Channel Partner

Enjoy an array of benefits and support by joining our network of authorised partners.

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Epson Robots Catalogue

Find out in our latest 84-page product catalogue the full range of our SCARA and 6-Axis Robots, including their outer dimensions, motion range, installation specifications and maximum payload.


The Details: Inspiring Success Stories

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