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Power consumption & all the other hidden running costs are major factors when choosing a display, especially for large venues such as conference room or boardroom. Find out what are your running costs in the long run with a projector as compared to a LED video wall.

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High Adaptability
Be it a corporate, education or a large-scale event setting, Epson high brightness projectors are suitable and flexible for your every need.
Weight & Equipments
The total weight & volume of an Epson projector has stronger competitive advantage as compared to a 200″ LED video wall. Since projector also requires fewer equipments like power or signal cables as compared to LED video wall, installation time can be reduced by avoiding all the unloading and complicated wiring works. Transportation costs can also be reduced as projectors can be transported by just a small vehicle.
Versatile & Flexible
When it comes to curved and corner projections with immersive display, projectors are versatile and flexible, as compared to LED video wall. Complicated softwares are not required for geometric correction or auto-tiling assist function, all you need is a suitable set of lens!
Display Resolution
Projector can project high definition images, even at a close distance from the projection screen. A LED video wall consists of many chip LED that has a non-luminescent area. This increases the distance between LED lights on each chip LEDs (pitch size), causing low definition image when viewed at a close-up distance from the projection screen. For example, a 1.5mm pitch size LED Display requires a minimum viewing distance of 5m, for high definition images.
Laser Light Source & Power Consumption

Power consumption is a major factor when choosing a display, especially for large venues such as conference room or boardroom.

Laser projectors continue to operate even when faced with faulty laser diodes issues, minimising downtime. On the other hand, a dead pixel on the LED video wall requires an onsite servicing and re-calibration, which increases the downtime.

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