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Upgrade your home entertainment with an Ultra Short Throw home projector like the EH-LS500B, combining powerful performance, stylish design and the flexibility to 'hide' the display when it's not in use.


Make the most of every space in your office and project inspiring presentations with life-size panoramic images from just centimetres away. With no glare on the screen, and no need to be permanently mounted on the ceiling or in the center of the room.


Epson's interactive Ultra Short Throw projectors are ideal for the classroom, giving teachers and students the opportunity to co-create and interact in ultra-engaging and fun lessons.

Digital Signage

With Ultra Short Throw, it's possible to project a large screen within the narrow space of retail windows. So you can create and easily adapt captivating window displays that draw in customers time and time again.

Limitless flexibility

From education and retail, to signage and home entertainment, there's an Epson Ultra Short Throw projector for every application. Find the right one for you below:


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