Epson EB-L200F Full HD Standard-Throw Laser Projector with Built-in Wireless

Display large, bright images for optimal viewability with this reliable laser projector.

Project vivid, colorful, impactful images up to 500" with EB-L200F Standard-Throw laser projector. This 4,500-lumen*1, Full HD* projector delivers bright, easy-to-read images from nearly anywhere in the room, and it offers built-in split screen*1 to create an even more immersive and engaging experience. Designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, the EB-L200F provides built-in wireless and Miracast® support and a long-lasting virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps to replace*7.

  • 4,500 lumens of color and white brightness*1
  • 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps*7
  • Full HD resolution
  • Built-in Miracast
  • Built-in wireless LAN
  • 1.6x optical zoom


Where to Buy
Bright and Compact
Using Epson’s very own original designed fixed phosphor unit, coupled with the innovative optimized design, the L200 series is now more compact yet images remain bright and sharp. Thanks to the new heatsink design, the L200 series has efficient heat conductivity, resulting in improved heat resistance, all while delivering high-quality vivid images.

Large Images
With a wide projection screen size of up to 500 inches*, you enjoy big image projection for good visibility.
*For EB-L200F.

Bright Image Quality
With bright images of up to 4,500lm, it will allow clear image even in ambient light conditions from fluorescent lamps or sunlight from windows.

Split Screen Function
This  4,500-lumen*1, Full HD* projector delivers bright, easy-to-read images from nearly anywhere in the room with the ability to do 4 split screens to create an even more engaging experience.

What's in the box:

Power Cable: 1.8m x 1

HDMI Cable (1.8m)

Remote Control with 2x AA Battery

Operating Temperature:

Single Use: 0 - 2,286 m (0 - 7,500 ft): 0 °C - 40 °C [32 °F - 104 °F ] ; 20% to 80% Humidity, No Condensation
Over 2,286 m (7,500 ft): 0 - 35 °C [32 °F - 95 °F] ; 20%-80% Humidity, No CondensationMulti-projection Use: 0 - 2,286 m (0 - 7,500 ft): 0 °C - 35 °C [32 °F - 95 °F ; 20% to 80% Humidity, No Condensation Over 2,286 m (7,500 ft): 0 - 30 °C [32 °F - 86 °F] ; 20%-80% Humidity, No Condensation

Screen Size (Projected Distance):

Standard Size: 60” screen @ 172cmZoom : Wide: 40” to 500” screen (114 – 1,461cm)

Contrast Ratio:

Contrast Ratio: Over 2,500,000 : 1

Internal Speaker(s):

Sound Output: 16W Monoaural


Network: Wireless:
Built-in x 1
Optional x 1 (using optional ELPAP11)
Wired Lan:
RJ45 x 1 (100Mbps)Analog Input: D-Sub 15Pin: 2 (RGB)
Composite RCA x 1 (Yellow)Digital Input: HDMI: 2 (HDCP 2.2)Analog Output Terminal: D-Sub 15Pin: 1 (Black)Audio Input: RCA: 1 (White, Red)
Stereo Mini Jack: 2Audio Output: Stereo Mini Jack: 1Control I/O: RS-232C: D-Sub 9pin x 1Others: USB Type A: 1 (for Saving and Reading Data via USB, Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings, Document Camera)
USB Type B: 1 (for Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings)
Mic I/O: Stereo Mini x 1

Operating Altitude:

Operating Altitude: Over 1,500 m / 4,921 ft, with High Altitude Mode: 0 - 3,048 m (0 - 10,000 ft)

Start-Up Period:

Start-Up Period: Less than 8 seconds, Warm-up Period: 30 seconds
Quick Start-Up: Less than 5 seconds (Display)

Cool Down Period:

Cool Down Period: Instant Off

Air Filter:

Type: Electrostatic FilterMaintenance Cycle: 20,000 hours*5

Geometric Correction:

Vertical/Horizontal Keystone: ±30° / ±30°Quick Corner: Yes (Manual

Direct Power On/Off:

Direct Power On/Off: Yes

Power Consumption (220-240V):

Lamp On (Normal/Eco): 254W / 193WStandby: 2.0W / 0.5W (Network On / Off)

Projection Technology:

Projection Technology: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system

Fan Noise:

Fan Noise (Normal / Eco): 36dB / 27dB

Specifications of Main Parts:

LCD: Size: 0.62” (C2Fine)
Resolution: Full HD (1080p)*Lightsource: Type: Laser Diode
Life (Normal / Quiet / Extended): 20,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 hrsProjection Lens: Type: Optical Zoom (Manual) / Focus (Manual)
F-Number: 1.49 – 1.77
Focal Length: 18.2 – 29.2mm
Zoom Ratio: 1.0 – 1.62 (Optical Zoom)
Throw Ratio: 1.33 – 2.16

Dimension Excluding Feet:

Dimension Excluding Feet (D x W x H): 299 x 325 x 90 mm

Optional Wireless & Built In Lan Specifications:

Supported Speed for each Mode: Infrastructure: IEEE 802.11b (2.4GHz): 11Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54Mbps*3 IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 325Mbps*3
Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct): IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150Mbps*3, IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 325Mbps*3Wireless LAN Security: Infrastructure: OPEN, WPA2 / WPA3-PSK, WPA2 / WPA3-EAP
Supported EAP Type: PEAP, PEAP-TLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-Fast
Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct): WPA2-PSK (AES)Supported Mode: Infrastructure, Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct)


White Light Output (Normal / Eco): 4,500lm / 3,150lmColour Light Output: 4,500lm


Noise Reduction: YesSuper-Resolution: YesDetail Enhancement: Yes


Weight: Approx. 4.1kg

Projectors Facets:

Resolution, Projectors Facets: FullHDContrast Ratio, Projectors Facets: Over 2,500,000:1Brightness Range Lumens, Projectors Facets: 4001Features, Projectors Facets: Wifi
Screen Mirroring
Quick CornerLaser / Lamp, Projectors Facets: Laser


* Pixel shifting technology achieves Full HD resolution on screen.

*1 Colour brightness (colour light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15:4;

white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

*2 With the built-in wireless mode, users can connect the device directly to the projector while with the additional ELPAP11, it is possible to connect the device not only directly to the projector but as well as via a network infrastructure.

*3 Maximum speed and range is achievable when used with same enhanced mode technology. Actual data rates, features and performance may vary depending on your computer system, the environment and other factors.

*4 When environmental temperature becomes high, the brightness becomes dark automatically.

*5 When used in the general office environment (the amount of floating dust: 0.04 - 0.2 mg/m3). Based on the Epson’s in-house test results.

*6 Split Screen feature requires remote control. Consult your user manual for input combinations.

*7 No required maintenance for the light source for up to 20,000 hours. Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 - 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environment. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.