Thanit Tiansivarat, Thailand
Owner & designer (Oh! Lala & Dee Project)

“ELEMENTS” collection — Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Boundless Possibilities in Fashion

A collaboration that showcased the boundless possibilities of digital textile printing and its ever-increasing presence in the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration from the elements like earth, water, wind and fire to evoke the transformative powers of nature; Thanit Tiansivarat, owner and designer of Thai brand Oh! Lala, unveiled her creations for the first time with her 12-piece “ELEMENTS” collection on kid models.

Thanit’s collaboration with Epson also shed light on the prowess of their digital textile printers, which were able to produce the fine lines, a high level of detail and vibrant colours onto the fabrics just as she had envisioned. The message was clear, digital textile printing opens up unlimited possibilities in the world of fashion.