Create a secure printing and scanning environment without the need to install a server. Improve security through user authentication and conveniently distribute documents by email or to folders based on the user’s accounts. Manage printing cost by setting printing quotas, generate reports for accounting and document tracing.


Enhanced Security And Reduced Waste

Improve security with the use of authentication function. Employees can be identified using ID cards, log-in credentials or a PIN code linked to their accounts. Reduce waste by selecting and releasing only the necessary documents. This also reduces the chances of users forgetting to collect their printouts.



Convenient And Efficient

"Scan and Send to Me" function further improves work efficiency and enhances document security by ensuring that the document is correctly distributed ot the user's email address or assigned folder.


Allow The Use Of Common Tasks For All Users
Set common tasks that users can perform without authentication. Device Panel can be customised to suit the workflow.
Cost Saving And Accountability

Generate usage reports* for each user or department for cost saving activities. Job logs can also be generated for auditing purposes.


* Requires Epson Device Admin version 4.0 or later to generate the report for Epson Print Admin Serverless

Page Quota Management

Manage printing costs and reduce wasteful printing by setting the page quota for each user. Can set the quota for Colour Print and Mono Print.