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Document Capture Pro Server helps to centralise your scanning and manage your fleet of scanners without the need to install drivers on individual computers.

Document And Hardware Security

Reduce leakage of confidential documents by securing scanners with password, and track usage by using log reports.

Manage And Centralise Scanners In The Network

Manage and control up to 100 scanners in the network using the web browser from any PC, with the ability to create and assign up to 30 job settings to the scanner panel.

Automate Scanners

Pre-set automatic functions to output your documents such as auto-rotation, job separation and various file naming functions.

Improved Productivity

Downtime is reduced as scanner issues can be resolved more efficiently as the administrator receives instant alerts via email notifications.

Advanced PDF Functions

Create searchable PDF documents* and secure them with password to prevent unauthorised distribution of document.

Document Capture Pro Server – Authentication Edition

Enhanced Document Security

Document Capture Pro Server - Authentication Edition offers all of the above functions and further enhances document security by limiting the use of your scanner based on a user database. With a compatible scanner, an authentication ID Card Reader can also be used for improved security and work efficiency.

Integration To Company Infrastructure

Link the scanner directly to directory services for automatic syncing of user database and the email server for alerts and reporting functions.

“Scan And Send To Me” Function

This function prevents leakage of confidential documents by assigning the correct email destination of the user as the recipient.


Generate usage reports for the scanners up to the level of each individual user. This accounts for the documents scanned using company’s equipment and also helps to reduce misuse. The reports can also be used to locate any source of leakage of confidential documents.


* Available with premium upgrade.