Our Business Areas

As you’d expect from the regional hub of a large global business like Epson, we can offer a wide range of business areas in which you can develop your career.

As a renowned worldwide brand, known for innovation and quality, there’s no better place to develop your sales and marketing career than Epson. Many of the products you’ll be promoting are the first-of-their-kind to market. We are diversifying not just in the types of products we produce, but also in our markets – extending our technologies into the industrial sector amongst others. All of this means potentially rewarding opportunities and an exciting portfolio to develop along with your career.

What’s more, Singapore is Epson’s headquarters for the entire South East Asia region. So as your career progresses, you could move from a domestic sales role into regional responsibility. There will also be opportunities to develop across functions, too, for example, moving from sales into product marketing.

Regional Marketing Communications is a dynamic, evolving team responsible for enhancing our brand awareness through integrated marketing campaigns that hit every touch point, including web and social media. We align our communications, drive effective community engagement and constantly seek out innovative new ways to raise awareness of the Epson brand. Recent milestones include the roll-out of our ‘Engineered for Business’ regional campaign to create a harmonised visual identity and consistent communications.

Our work has seen Epson’s brand ranking rise by 15 places in Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands (by CampaignAsia) in 2014. We’ve also achieved a Gold Award for Excellence in Marketing Communications and a Silver Award for Excellence in Integrated Marketing (B2B) at the prestigious Marketing Excellence Awards 2014. We have opportunities in local teams as well as in our Regional Marcoms team based in Singapore. Wherever you join us, your passion for developing and implementing regional communication strategies will be pivotal as you help us drive preference for our products across diverse audiences, and keep Epson firmly on the ASEAN map.

Singapore is the regional headquarters for Epson’s South East Asia region. As such, the Human Resource function here is an extensive, influential and strategic one. We are constantly upgrading and improving the way we develop our people. We have just introduced a 3 year roadmap to strengthen and enrich our human capital further. This roadmap will enhance our competencies through behaviour and skills learning, and ensure the transfer of skills through management coaching. Additionally, job-specific skills’ training has also been identified, based on the various functional groups at Epson. It’s all part of our innovative work to make sure that all our people embrace the One Epson vision. Join us, and you’ll develop an enhanced career roadmap of your own.

These influential and exciting roles ensure the efficiency of our supply chain across the domestic market in Singapore. Furthermore, as the regional headquarters for Epson’s South East Asia region, this is an excellent place to develop and grow your career on a wider stage – a regional one. A creative problem solver, with a desire to constantly improve our supply chain, you’ll enable us to plan, develop, procure and deliver products faster and more cost-effectively in this rapidly-moving world of technological innovation.

At Epson, we’re passionate about providing Better Products for a Better Future. However, we don’t just want to supply some of the best digital imaging technology in the world: we also want to make sure that our customers get the very best experience from our technology – and receive a service that delights them every time. We offer an extensive array of award-winning printers, projectors and scanners, for both consumer and business markets, so there’s a wide variety of technology you’ll be working with on a daily basis. Based at our Customer Care Centre in Singapore, which is the central customer service hub for our South East Asia region, you’ll receive in-depth training and wide-ranging development opportunities.

At Epson, we’re renowned for delivering world firsts in the digital imaging market. Our products, from printers to projectors to scanners, are constantly evolving. They’re also becoming available in an ever wider range of markets.

Our Pre-Sales team helps drive our growth in three ways. Firstly, Solution providing. From advising customers on the best technical specification for their needs, to integration testing, customisation of products and root cause analysis of any issues, we work to ensure our customers get the very best experience from our ground-breaking technology. Secondly, we train Epson staff, our partners and end-users on everything from how to use a printer to how to programme a robot. Finally, we also evaluate our products, performing detailed testing on printers and media so we can really understand the functionality, capability and limitation of every piece of technology.

The Epson Group is a major international force, dedicated to continually improving our business. In the fiscal year that ended on March 31st 2014, our net sales were 1,008,407 million Yen. Furthermore, Singapore is the regional headquarters for our entire South East Asia region, which means that a role in finance and accounting here has big potential for career growth. If, like us, you believe in constantly driving for improvement, whilst working with complete integrity at all times, there will be the potential for a rewarding future here for you, whether you join us in a process-driven, analytical, strategic or managerial role.

Singapore is our regional headquarters for the whole of our South East Asia region. Therefore those within our audit function have a very influential role to play. In the rapidly-changing digital imaging technology market, our audit team will help us ensure that we have all the controls we need in place to minimise risk and that we’re fully compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations across our regional footprint. You’ll deliver the constant drive for improvement. We’ll deliver rewarding growth opportunities that will help you develop your skills and your career.

Epson is a vast multinational Group, working across multiple jurisdictions and territories to create innovative products and technologies, many of which are the first of their kind to market. Our global presence and culture, coupled with the rapid rate of change within our industries, raise complex and diverse legal issues. We need innovative legal minds – ones that thrive on creative, practical problem solving, whilst being meticulously focused – to provide us with a strategic and robust commercial advantage in a very commercial arena. Singapore is the regional headquarters for the South East Asian region, and consequently offers a widened scope for career development. Join us; we are looking for people with the passion and dedication to be part of a challenging and rewarding team and to make a real impact. At Epson, you’ll discover many opportunities to grow and learn.

At Epson, technology is at the very heart of everything we do – and our internal IS systems are no exception. Here in our Singapore office, we’re at the core of implementing business technology, privacy protection and cyber security systems for the whole of our South East Asia region. We deliver system development life cycle and change system projects (complete with infrastructure and architecture blueprints), develop Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud services, as well as providing IT support services to our people. As a global business and a digital leader, it’s vital we never stop exploring new technologies. That’s why we need creative problem-solvers in roles from the highly technical to the project focused, to join us in this key function for Epson.