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Epson TM-U220

Product Models displayed on this website may be available in certain regions only.

High Cost-Performance Printers

Outstanding Value Dot Matrix POS Printer

    • Dot matrix printing
      Speed: Up to 30lps
      (30 columns, 16cpi)
      Easy operation



Outstanding Compatibility

  • The TM-U220 printers are designed to be compatible with existing systems built around a TM-U210. These systems can be upgraded simply by dropping in a TM-U220. Moreover, since the external dimensions are nearly identical, there is no need to change the installation environment. The transition to the new model is as smooth as can be.
  • Easy Operation

  • Free busy operators from troublesome roll paper and ribbon cassette replacement. The TM-U220 makes these chores a snap. Simply pop the cover, drop in the paper or ribbon, shut the cover. You're back in business.
  • Higher Printing Speed

  • A full 30% faster than its predecessors, the TM-U220 printers provide high-efficiency throughput. Retailers can hand receipts to customers faster. Restaurant kitchens can receive orders quickly.
  • Superior Versatility

  • The versatile TM-U220 suits a wide range of needs and applications. Each type is powerful, yet compact enough to fit in confined spaces. The wall-mountable Type B frees up valuable counter space in kitchens and other tight locations. Moreover, both Type B and Type D handle your choice of 58, 69, or 76 mm width roll paper.
  • Environmentally Conscious

  • This product meets Epson ecology label compliance standards and has following major features: 
  • Low energy consumption (25 % lower during operation, 60 % lower during standby than TM-U210).
  • Reduced labor for disassemby by reducing the number of parts.
  • No use of chemical substances prohibited to be included in products for parts, materials and packing materials.
  • Uses high quality plain paper, since it is easier for recycling than thermal paper. Three selectable paper widths avoid wasting paper.
  • Print Font:

    Column Capacity: Paper width 76 mm, 33 / 40Character Size (W x H): 1.6 mm (W) x 3.1 mm (H) / 1.2 mm (W) x 3.1 mm (H)Character Set: 95 Alphanumeric, 48 International, 128 x 12 GraphicCharacters Per Inch: 13.3 cpi / 16 cpi

    Print Speed:

    Printing Technology: Serial Impact Dot Matrix

    Control Board:

    Power Supply Input: PS-180 (option)


    Supply Voltage: 24 VSensors: Roll paper cover open sensor, Paper End Sensor, Paper Near End Sensor

    Printer Type:

    Print Method: 9-pin serial impact dot matrixPrint Speed : 4.70 lps (40 columns, 16.00 cpi)
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