For Work Printers Large Format Epson SureColor SC-F10030H Dye Sublimation Textile Printer

Epson SureColor SC-F10030H 76”, 6-Colour Dye Sublimation Textile Printer

Bigger and Better. Revolutionise Textile Printing

Introducing Epson’s SureColor SC-F10030H dye sublimation textile printer, where high efficiency, speed and reliability are central to the success of businesses. With new PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads and an integrated dryer, greater productivity is achieved. Enjoy top-notch print quality as Precision Dot Technology leverages on optimised, new technologies to deliver astounding prints. Built to reduce downtime, a self-repair function and Epson Cloud Solution PORT feature allow users to easily replace specific components on their own for easy and seamless printer fleet management.

      • Epson’s first 76-inch high performance roll-to-roll dye-sublimation printer 
      • Bulk Ink system with 2 sets of 10L ink set for ultra-high print volume 
      • Advanced Auto Tension Control for accurate and stable media feeding 
      • New 4.7” PrecisionCore Micro TFP Printheads for higher productivity 
      • 6-colour inkset consisting of standard CMYK inks with a choice of either Fy/Fp or Lc/Lm


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The textile industry is ever-changing and the ability to manufacture unique printed textiles on a short production run is quickly becoming a business advantage. From delivering unparalled productivity, to producing nothing less than spectacular print quality, Epson’s SC-F10030H help evolve and advance your business, taking it to the next level.

The Epson SC-F10030H comes with 4 standard colours: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K), as well as 2 additional ink options for a greater print vibrancy and an expanded print application. You may choose either the Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Pink (FY/FP) configuration, or the Light Cyan and Light Magenta (Lc/Lm) configuration.



When it comes to textile printing, the ability for greater quality output in the shortest amount of time is integral, especially in high volume environments.


PrecisionCore represents Epson’s TFP technology, created by merging advanced key component technologies and high-precision MEMS fabrication processes. Epson’s SC-F10030H comes with six printheads with a maximum print speed of 246sqm/h. With a total of 3200 nozzles per head and a head resolution of 600dpi, delivering minute detail at incredible speed with unbeatable image quality is made possible.


Epson’s SC-F10030H integrates a new dryer that empowers high-speed printing at a maximum temperature of 110°C. With understanding that unwanted ink transfer and wrinkling are common issues with regards to textile printing, the new dryer is designed to eliminate these worries. Paper surface temperature is controlled effectively by heating both frontside (heater with fan) and backside (heater) of the media.


Say goodbye to the hassles of data spooling from your PC as Epson’s SC-F10030H possesses the ability to perform step and repeat print independently. By simply selecting this function and setting the print size on a RIP software, users can now reduce file transfer time from PC to printer and enjoy step and repeat print effortlessly.



Heavily reliant on visual aspects, print quality plays an important role when it comes to attracting and garnering attention from audiences.


Epson’s Precision Dot Technology consist of three different dedicated technologies, namely Micro Weave, Lookup Table (LUT) and Halftone. By optimising the Micro Weave and LUT technology, as well as developing a new Halftone – Multi-layer Halftone, Epson’s SC-F10030H realises higher printing robustness against dot placement error. When these three new technologies are harmonised, amazing image quality with reduced graininess and branding is achieved.


The auto adjustment feature contributes to operation effectiveness by adjustments being done automatically via the RGB camera. It supports more stable print quality in accordance with the actual print pattern and less on manual adjustments where potentiality of errors and inaccuracy may be higher.


High paper feeding accuracy contributes to high print quality. Epson’s SC-F10030H advanced auto tension control function enables accurate and stable media feeding across a variety of media. The media feed motor and roll drive motor synchronises to control paper feed accurately and stably. In this way, any negative effects caused by variance in media weight, roll core shape, diameter, tackiness and take-up reel operation status is reduced. Both paper feeding and printhead (dot placement and density) adjustments are available to users.



Technical malfunctions and troubleshooting pose as common concerns. Designed for reliability, Epson’s SC-F10030H gives users greater peace of mind. In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, repairing is made easy and intuitive, enabling users to solve the issue themselves for increased uptime.


Bulk ink supply system with 10L ink cartridges and hot swap function empowers continuous operation. Should an ink cartridge run out during printing, Epson’s SC-F10030H automatically switches and activates another ink cartridge for uninterrupted printing. The finished ink cartridge can be easily replaced with a new one, all while the printer continues to print using the switched cartridge.


With Epson’s first ever User Self-Repair function, specific parts such as the printhead and anti-drying cap can be replaced by users themselves, resulting in faster printer recovery and minimisation of downtime in comparison to waiting for service. The User Self-Repair function is supported by 3 components - Easy self-replaceable parts, Printer Diagnosis System and Epson’s Remote Monitoring System.


Epson Cloud Solution PORT is a cloud-based solution for Epson end users. This software provides users with the status of the connected printer and alerts for troubleshooting if required. The Production Monitor allows users to visualise printer operational status anytime, anywhere, from their PC or smart devices. In this way, productivity improves as users can identify the most urgent actions required and correct the issue efficiently with minimal disruption to the print run.

What's in the box:

  • Printer
  • Signal Lamp
  • Waste Ink Bottle
  • Media Cleaner Brush
  • Press Roller Spacer
  • Wiper Roll
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Charging Unit
  • Dryer Unit
  • Media Guide Bar
  • Ink Supply Unit
  • Auto Take-up Reel Unit
  • Start-up Guide
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Epson Edge Print PRO
  • AC Cables (might differ depending on country)


Printing Technology: PrecisionCore Inkjet Technology
Variable-Sized Droplet Technology
Printhead: PrecisionCore Micro TFP PrintheadNozzle Configuration: 19,200 nozzles
CMYKLcLm: 19,200 nozzles
(3,200 nozzles x 6 colours)
CMYKFpFy: 19,200 nozzles
(3,200 nozzles x 6 colours)Maximum Print Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (With 300 x 300 dpi 16 Half Tone layers)Minimum Ink Droplet Size: 3.8 plPrint Speed: Maximum print speed of 246sqm/hMargin (Roll Paper): 7 mm (Right / Left), 5 mm (top), 5 mm (Bottom) (14 mm when using Media Holding Plates)


Ink Type: Dye Sublimation Transfer InkColours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, High Density Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, High Density Black, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent YellowInk Capacity: 10,000 mlInk Case: Ink Supply Unit


Warranty: 1 year Self-Repair Warranty (Subject to relevant terms and conditions)Memory: 155 GBAcoustic Noise Level: Sound Pressure Level: Approx. 59 dB(A)Control Panel: 9" Touch Panel

Recommended System Requirements:

Win PC System Requirements: Windows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10 (x64bit)
CPU: Intel Corei3 3.0GHz or faster (released after April 2014)
Memory: Memory more than 8GB
HDD: 50GB or moreMac System Requirements: Mac OS X (10.7 or later)
CPU: Multicore 3.0GHz
Memory: Memory more than 4GB
HDD: Free Space more than 2GB

Media Handling:

Paper Path: Friction FeedMaximum Diameter / Weight: Max. diameter 250 mm / 60 Kg (Roll)
Max. diameter 250 mm / 60 Kg (Reel)Paper Width (Roll): 300 mm - 1,950 mm (Take-up reel support over than 914.4 mm)Paper Thickness (Roll): up to 1 mmRoll Paper Remaining: The remaining amount is managed on control panel.

Dimensions and Weight:

Weight: Appox. 767 Kg (without ink cartridges)Dimensions: Printing: 5,008 x 1,303 x 1,886 mm (W x D x H)
Stowed: 5,008 x 1,303 x 1,886 mm (W x D x H)

Electrical Specifications:

Power Consumption: Operating: Approx. 4.4KW
Ready: Approx. 230W
Sleep: Approx. 230W
Power Off (standby): Approx. 9.6WRated Current: 16A x 2Supply Voltage: AC200-240V x 2

Utility Software:

Utility Software (Bundled in CD): Windows only: Epson Communication Driver, Installer Package, Epson Software Updater, EpsonNet Print, EpsonNet Setup, EpsonNet Config SE, Epson Manual Launcher, User's Guide (Excerpt), Epson Edge Print Pro Utility Software (Web delivery): Windows only: Epson Communication Driver, EpsonNet Print, EpsonNet Setup, LFP Accounting Tool
Windows and Mac: Epson Web Installer, Epson Software Updater, EpsonNet Config SE, Epson Edge Dashboard, Epson Manual Launcher, Online Manual, Epson Video Manuals, User’s Guide (Excerpt), User’s Guide, Network Guide, Start-Up Guide

Recommended Operating Temperature & Humidity:

Temperature: Operating: 10°C to 35°C
Storage (before unpacking): -20°C to 60°C 1 month at 40°C, 120 hours at 60°C
Storage (after unpacking): -20°C to 40°C 1 month at 40°CHumidity: Operating: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage: 5 to 85% (no condensation)


Interfaces: USB 3.0, 1000 BASE-TPrinter Language: ESC/P raster