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Cloud-enabled Printing

Our Server Direct Print function reduces the need for complex configurations and a physical computer setup, allowing all printers in a shared network to access server information instantaneously.

Secured Transaction Experience

Epson provides comprehensive data security by equipping receipt printers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TSL) support. This enables a secured transaction experience and deters attacks by allowing users to send potentially sensitive information to the printer securely with end-to-end encryption.

Reliable Performance

Experience outstanding hardware performance with our range of POS printers, with enhanced features for greater functionality and long-term reliability.

Sustainability & Energy Savings

At Epson, we take an active stance on addressing the climate crisis. The character height reduction function of our POS printers enable up to 49% paper savings and encourages energy efficiency, made possible through Epson’s innovative development to increase users’ energy savings.

Receipt Printers

Establishing Convenience & Flexibility in Service

Epson POS printers offer seamless network connections with multi-OS control. Availability of Utility Tools (SDK, drivers, firmware) allows for straightforward integration with any POS systems.

Epson’s Server Direct Print function on POS printers extracts data directly from the cloud server for printing. Greater cost savings for hardware, smaller maintenance expenses and multiple storefront management has never been easier with a cloudbased subscription.

Popular uses of our Epson POS Printers include:
F&B: Printing of online orders and receipts in regular kitchen plans and ghost kitchens, cashier POS printing, multiple storefront POS printing
Retail: Printing of online orders and receipts in storefronts


TM-T82X TM-m30III TM-T88VII TM-m30ll-SL


Self-Service Kiosk

Modernising Self-service with Increased Uptime

Built for self-service environments, the Epson EU-m30 is a compact thermal receipt printer that allows for effortless kiosk integration and serviceability 24/7. Enjoy a simple installation experience without fear of misalignment causing paper jams.

Operationally designed for fuss-free management and maximised system uptime, the EU-m30 is a reliable performer that enables USB and serial connectivity.

Popular uses of the EU-m30 include:
F&B and Retail: Self-checkout order receipt printing
Ticketing: Ticket self-purchase
Others: Queue ticketing/self-registration/check-in at banks, hospitals, and carparks



On-the-Field Printing

Bringing a Reliable Solution Anywhere, Everywhere

Deliver optimum operational performance with best-in-class battery life. Epson offers portable solutions that drive efficiency beyond locational constraints.

Easily connect with mobile devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC, effortlessly clip these portable printers to your belt for on-the-go business activities, and track sales and inventory easily.

Popular uses of TM-P80II and TM-P20II include:
Logistics: Receipt printing at all levels of the supply chain
Deliveries: Printing receipt of goods
Utilities: Receipts for fee issuances/utility bills (e.g. gas, electricity, water)
Retail: Queue busting, Sale of goods at outdoor marketplaces, direct selling




Label Printing

The perfect companion for speedy printing

Epson’s cost effective label printing solutions enhance business efficiency with linerless labels that optimise service workflows, and enables paper savings through its eco-friendly design. Order taking, order fulfilment and order delivery has never been more streamlined with the POS printers’ food safe labelling, exemplary resticking ability, and clean printing features.

Enjoy improved order accuracy and reduced order fulfilment rates with labels that withstand high temperature environments.

Besides F&B order fulfilment, use Epson label printers for:
Logistics: Labelling of goods for delivery
Equipment: Labelling business assets for reference and maintenance


TM-L90 TM-L90LFC TM-L100


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