Epson Robot C4

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Speed and Flexibility in Confined Workspaces

C4 Series 6-axis robots boast top-class speed, repeatability and exceptional compact bodies that make them ideal for assembly tasks and material handling.

      • Handles payloads up to 4kg
      • Available with 600mm or 900mm arm length
      • High speed and repeatability for maximum productivity
      • Compact design for enhanced configuration flexibility



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Epson C4 Series compact 6-axis robots set new standards for small robot performance, with a design that combines outstanding flexibility and a slim design perfect for large jobs in small spaces.

Reduced vibration for better performance
C4 robots use revolutionary sensor technology to drastically reduce vibration, improving production speeds while maintaining quality.

Perfection is within reach
Thanks to a very slim arm design, these robots can reach up to 900mm without taking up much space, but can still lift up to 4kg. The Epson C4 can be controlled with the RC700-A controller, which can control several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.



Payload: Rated 1kg / Max 4kgArm Length: 600mm | 900mmRepeatability: Joints #1 - #6: ±0.02mm | ±0.03mmStandard Cycle Time: 0.37sec | 0.47secInstallation Environment: Standard / Cleanroom & ESDMounting Type: Table Top / Ceiling