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It’s time to go big on digital textiles with Epson large format printing for designers and professionals

The textile industry is evolving. The ability to manufacture unique printed textiles and short fashion runs is quickly becoming a business advantage. With Epson digital textile printers, you are able to manufacture at scale with incredibly high precision, increased reliability, short print runs and custom designs, limited only by your imagination.

Epson Innovation in the Details

By combining our most advanced inkjet printing technology, PrecisionCoreTM, with our specifically designed textile printing inks, you’ll always get the premium results possible.
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Limitless Creative Freedom

From watercolour effects and photographic images, to fine lines and details, the possibilities are endless, giving designers creative freedom to print anything imaginable and on-demand.
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The Benefits of Digital Textile Printing

Advanced Print Quality

Printing fabrics digitally delivers an outstanding level of print clarity and colour that will exceed even the highest expectations.

As Fast as Fashion

With a significantly short production turnaround, you can maximise every opportunity that comes your way and avoid long and costly production delays.

As Flexible as Fabric

Keep up with ever-changing trends and demands with the ability to easily and quickly produce short runs and print-on-demand services.

Print on Virtually Any Fabric Type

Epson has a digital fabric printing solution for virtually any fabric type. From polyesters and blends to natural fibres such as silks, cotton, linen, wool, and rayon.

Low Environmental Impact

Digital fabric printing provides significant reductions in both water and electricity consumption compared to traditional fabric printing.

Reduce Production Costs

Only print the amount of fabric you need and eliminate many costly setup fees.


With a sublimation transfer printer, you can easily make things in-house, from apparels such as sports jerseys and towels to small items such as mugs, smartphone cases, and novelty goods.
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Monna Lisa Evo Tre has become the brand representing Epson industrial digital textile printers and a reference standard for high quality printing in such fields of application as haute couture & fast fashion, accessories, home textiles and sportswear.

Learn more about our advanced Direct-to-Fabric printer.

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It’s Time to Go Big

Get to know Epson’s different digital textile printers and find the model that’s
perfect for your needs.

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Stay ahead with innovative textile printing and the Direct-to-Fabric (DTF) Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32

Unleash your creativity with the outstanding performance of the Dye-sublimation SureColor SC-F10030 and SC-F10030H

Deliver affordable high-volume printing without delays with the Direct-to-Garment (DTG) SureColor SC-F3030

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