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MOVERIO Smart Glasses

A New Way to See the World 

MOVERIO smart glasses are setting the standard in Augmented Reality, with the smallest, most comfortable and most affordable smart eyewear on the market, combined with a growing ecosystem of partners and hardware.

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Next-generation Technology

Innovative and brighter, more natural display.

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A New Way of Seeing The World

A brand new OLED display engine, upgraded chipset, and improved from factor.

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Premier FPV Partner of DJI

The MOVERIO BT‑300 marks an impressive advance in performance for the platform and will make flying and filming safer and help users stay in compliance with local and federal regulations… the possibilities truly are endless.

– Michael Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships, DJI



For Photographers

Capturing aerial photos or video can be difficult if you're looking down at a phone. The MOVERIO BT‑300 allows you to keep your head up and your eyes on your drone.



For Enterprise

The perfect tool for aerial inspections, the MOVERIO BT‑300 can be utilized in a variety of industries including architecture, construction, agriculture, insurance, real estate and security.

The MOVERIO BT‑300 smart glasses complement your DJI drone by providing footage, controls and statistics, all while maintaining your line‑of‑sight.

Key Features

Fully Transparent Display
Seamlessly blend digital content into the world around you.








Built on Android
Familiar & accessible OS development

Truly Wearable
Light, comfortable & natural design.







Motion Tracking
Head tracking sensors enable a 360° digital canvas.

Environmental Awareness
Front-facing camera enables Augmented Reality.







Binocular Form Factor
Dual displays for 3D content.


BT-300 Smart Glasses
Innovative and brighter, more natural display.

• Lightest smart glasses on market (20% lighter than BT-200)
• OLED display-more natural colour and images
• Unique design fits over regular glasses
• Improved nose and cable design increase comfort
• HD binocular display (720p) (1280x720)
• Wider colour spectrum projection than BT-200
• 5m pixel camera

BT-200 Smart Glasses
The standard in Augmented Reality since 2014.

• 60% lighter than BT-100
• 960x540 QHD/60Hz dual display

• OMAP4460 processor
• 24bit full color (16770K)
• VGA Camera


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