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No more big (expensive) pile of unused labels. Print only the labels you need, anytime & anywhere with an easy-to-use desktop colour label printer.

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It's time to go big on clear, customisable and durable labels you can print on demand

Achieve speed, control and flexibility with high-quality colour labels on demand with Epson ColorWorks label printers.

Print fully-customised designed on a variety of substrates, sizes, and shapes, without the need to hold pre-printed stocks and supplies






Kini saatnya Anda go big dengan label yang jelas, dapat disesuaikan, dan tahan lama yang dapat Anda cetak sesuai permintaan

Dapatkan kecepatan, kontrol, dan fleksibilitas yang Anda perlukan untuk menghasilkan label warna berkualitas tinggi sesuai permintaan dengan printer label Epson ColorWorks. Mencetak desain yang sepenuhnya dapat disesuaikan pada berbagai jenis media, ukuran dan bentuk, tanpa perlu menyimpan stok pra-cetak dan tidak ada suplai yang terbuang.


Matte Ink And Gloss Ink Selection For C6050/C6550 Series.

The addition of matte black ink increases the range of colour customers can reproduce, and also the types of media it can use.

*Applicable to C6050A/P and C6550A/P models. Users have the option to use Matte Black Ink (MK) or Gloss Black Ink (BK)1,2. Please check with your local Epson representatives to find out more about our different ink types that best suit your needs.
1 Usage of these 2 inks depends on the applications and media type used.
2 Choice of Matte or Gloss ink type is determined during initial setup and cannot be changed. i.e if you choose Matte Ink during the initial setup, it cannot be changed to Gloss Ink.

In-House On-Demand Label Printer: Why It Pays Off

Cost & Space Savings

Don’t pay more for less. Reduce cost per label and save money on storage when you print smaller batches in-house.

Flexibility At Your Fingertips

A typing error noticed too late? Re-print is costly and time-consuming. React to changes immediately with on-demand labels printing.

No Delay

Avoid labels supply disruptions when you print labels in-house.

C4050 / C3510

  • Print up to 4’’ wide label
  • Superb label quality with PrecisionCore* and MicroPiezo^ printhead.

Ideal for:
MICE events, Cottage/F&B/Healthcare Industry

*Applicable for C4050 only.
^Applicable for C3510 only.

C6550A / A6550P

Printer label warna 4" untuk industri manufaktur dengan auto-cutter atau auto-peeler yang kompatibel dengan berbagai sistem host, di berbagai platform.

C6050A / C6050P

Printer label warna 8" untuk industri kimia dengan auto-cutter atau auto-peeler, dan memenuhi standar BS-5609 untuk pelabelan yang sesuai dengan GHS.


Pusat fleksibilitas dan produktivitas, ideal bagi industri pengemasan.

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Discover how the Department of Agrarian (DAR) is empowering communities, one label at a time.


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