Convenient connection for any environment

Simple Connectivity

  • - USB Plug n' Project connectivity for quick projection on-the-spot
  • - Projection begins immediately by simply connecting the projector to a PC using the included USB cable (1.8m)


Smooth and Simple Projection

  • Start-up is a quick 5 seconds after pushing the power button and instant off function
  • A/V Mute Slide instantly turns off the sound and images to create a quick pause in the presentation.
  • The projector enters A/V Mute mode when the lens cover is closed and returns to normal mode automatically and immediately upon reopening the lens cover
  • Conserves lamp life and energy


Eco & Maintenance

  • Uses a low 23W during operation and just 4.3W* when in standby for environmentally conscious, energy conserving design  
   * This numerical value is for 200-240 volt regions.  Consumption is 246W and 3.0W in
      100-120 volt regions


PC Free Presentation

  • Total freedom to present without the need for a connected computer


Innovative E-TORL Lamp

  • E-TORL: Epson-Twin Optimize Reflection Lamp
  • Epson's Innovative E-TORL lamp system eliminates light leakage and minimises light diffraction, giving you superior resolution and image quality
  • The system combines an ellipsoidal reflector with an aspherical lens and a hemispherical mirror to produce a lamp so small and highly efficient that it is ahead of its time